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Directorate of Employment ventured into this endeavour in the year 2012 with an eye to develop / upgrade the skill of domestic workers through organising 3-days ‘proshikshan shibirs’. Stipend of an amount Rs.100/- per trainee per day is also provided during the shibir.


Demand for reliable and efficient domestic workers in the towns and cities in West Bengal have been growing day by day. A large number of workers engaged in this field come from villages of the near-by districts. They have neither any formal training in household works nor have they enough knowledge about the houses and urban life, which leads them to face some problems in handling many domestic appliances and electronic gadgets as well as demanding satisfactory remuneration for their labour.

Aims and Objective :

  • To develop / upgrade the skill of the individuals engaged in domestic works.

  • To provide short-term flexible training to such individuals to make them feel comfortable in an urban setting

  • To make such individuals conversant in handling various domestic appliances and promote awareness regarding safety.

  • To provide such workers with a brief first-aid training to make them skilled in tackling exigencies like sudden injuries, burning, bleeding etc.

  • Enhancement of scope of remuneration-hike for such individuals