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First applicant under Gatidhara:


Photographs of Bijoy Roy , the first applicant under Gatidhara who have been sanctioned loan by bank with his vehicle with Manas sikdar,E.O.& I.D.O. Bongaon Block


Gatidhara Image

“Gatidhara”-a govt. sponsored loan scheme in West Bengal,to boost up self -employment generation in transport sector,was launched in September 2014. In Bengali “Gatidhara” means the flow of speed or movement. Many of the leading rivers of West Bengal have their source of flow in Chotanagpur Plateau,and being a part of the plateau,Purulia District has shown a flow of momentum or inspiration in Gatuidhara scheme in West Bengal also.As a drought prone ,economically backward district of West Bengal,purulia has made a remarkable progress in Gatidhara and created a landmark in Govt. Sponsored loan scheme. Inspite of many difficulties Purulia has managed to bring smile to the faces of 16 un employed youths,by sponsoring bank sanctioned loans to buy commercial vehicles.The journey has not ended yet,it is just the beginning.