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Short History:

The Employment Service came into existence in India under the stress of post World War mobilisation. Till the end of 1946, Employment Service facilities were restricted to mobilisation service personnel and discharged war workers. In 1947, consequent upon the partition of India the Employment Services were called upon to deal with the resettlement of large number of displaced persons from Pakistan, Ceylon, Nepal, Burma etc. with the effective co-ordination of uniform policies & guidelines issued by the Directorate General Employment & Training under the Central Govt. on the recommendation of Sri Shiva Rao Committee setup by the D.G.E.T., New Delhi, the structure of the organization and diversification of its functions in the field of Occupational Research, Vocational Guidance and Employment Market Information changed. As per the recommendation of the Committee the day to day administration of the organization was handed over to the state Governments which started from 01-11-1956 but the guidelines of the D.G.E.T. for smooth running and functioning of the Employment Exchanges throughout India still exist.

      Compared to the situation when National Employment Service came into existence, the employment scenario has changed significantly. Such changes as witnessed in recent years had a strong impact on the Employment Services calling for a review of their functioning. In order to transform it into an effective mechanism for discharging its responsibilities in the emerging situation, the profile of functions of the Employment Services needed to be broadened and a good number of new activities required to be introduced to make the Employment Exchanges more effective and relevant vis-à-vis changed situation. Directorate of Employment of the State rose into the occasion by exploring new avenues in the field of placement (by launching a job-portal called “Employment Bank”), self employment, vocational guidance and counseling, enhancement of employability etc and became quite successful in facing the challenge before them.

Gist of functions:

  • Registration and Placement of Job Seekers

  • Registration of Job Providers in Employment Bank

  • Implementation of Self Employment Schemes – GATIDHARA & USKP

  • Organisation of ‘Awareness-cum- Motivation’ camps for self employment

  • Employment Market Information (EMI) – implementation of CNV Act, 1959

  • Vocational Guidance

  • Skill Development of registered job-seekers

  • Mock Test & Special Coaching for job-oriented Competitive Examinations

  • Assistance to service providers & service seekers from unorganized sector through Employment Bank

  • Special employment & self-employment guidance for Persons With Disability

  • Career Corners equipped with career-related books and magazines

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