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Vocational Guidance


Vocational Guidance programme is one of the basic activities of the Employment Service.The objective of this programme is to help the young persons as regards their vocational choice and career planning in consonance with the realities of the ‘Job Market’ by providing them with relevant information and guidance. To revamp the activities under this programme fresh initiatives have been taken up by this Directorate.

The Directorate of Employment constantly collects, compiles, analyses and disseminates career related information to the field level, so that correct and up to date information may be provided to the public. At present an updated information material has been made in electronic format to distribute them among all the Employment Exchanges.

Employment Exchange level programs:-

The activities under this programs are conducted both within and outside of the premises of Employment Exchanges. Following activities are being done at present by the Employment Exchanges under this Directorate –

  • Within the premises activities-
    Individual Information, Registration Guidance, Group Guidance etc.
  • Besides, “Career Corners” equipped with career related books and magazines have been established in all Employment Exchanges of the State

  • Outside the premises of Employment Exchanges-

    Career Talks are conducted in the schools & colleges of this State to help the students in their Career Planning and make them aware about the realities of job market. Such programmes have achieved spectacular success and received spontaneous appreciation and applause from the school and college authorities. By virtue of this programme where no extra expenditure was incurred from the government exchequer, the Employment Exchanges network of the State has been able to extend its role in the society by reaching out to the students, who are at the threshold of entering into the job market.

    Career Conferences are organised from time to time by this Directorate itself or in collaboration with other Institutions / agencies

    During the year -2013-14, the Vocational Guidance Units in West Bengal organized 187 Group-Discussions and Career-Talks covering a good number of students / job- seekers.

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